Monday, March 26, 2007

Turning Kids Into Communists

We promise to share. We promise to care. All together as a team!!!

Same agitprop, different kids' show (The Doodlebops).

There's nothing compassionate about creating wholesale dependencies...

And there's nothing funny about the corporate sponsorship of statism.


The Owner said...

Two comments:

1. The military drumroll behind the cutesy toon definitely gives the sub-conscious air of military regimentation to this communistic brain-washing.

2. These characters were CREEPY. I remember seeing an ad or maybe walking by the TV at home one time recently and seeing these... Doodlebops? and all I could think was "Christ, they look like really horrid clowns." I hate clowns, and I think most other people do as well. I'm not sure why a child would be drawn to this show's characters. If I were four again, I'd change the channel after I finished wetting my pants in fright.

Hippies have always been drawn to children's entertainment, take Jim Henson and Mr. Rogers for instance. It's probably because their infantile ideas about how the world should work are not well received by responsible adults in the grown-up working world.

I plan to strictly regulate my child's TV intake when I am a father. I'll buy my kids all the books and outdoor toys they want, and if they want some electronic media I'll show them how to use a computer or a Nintendo, but honestly I'd rather have my kid shooting zombies all day long in a video game than allow them to sit through even one hour of the Doodlebops or other like-minded television shows.

The Owner said...

"cutesy tune*," but toon works too if the sentence is read more abstractly.