Thursday, June 21, 2007

Women Can't Wrap

Is it me, or are women biologically incapable of properly wrapping food?

My wife plays Dr. Kevorkian to cheese - she always ziplocks it. I am no old coot, so I can't just trim the mold off and nibble away as if I was none the wiser.

The other women in my family have major problems with this as well. It's got to be genetic. Can anyone corroborate this stereotype?

Of course, it's well documented that women can't grill or make eggs (too impatient, use too much heat).

I know, I know, I know...and men don't close cabinets, even think of changing bed sheets, or ask for directions when they're lost.

Haha. In the not to distant future, young'uns will be saying, "What do you mean you had to ask for directions? Why wouldn't you just use Google Maps or GPS?"

For the record, C-Nut may not have been so aggressive changing sheets, but he always asked for directions.

Anyway, this post reminds me of a quote I recently read. It went something like this, "The emancipation of women doesn't mean they should be made indistinguishable from men..."


I was at a wedding this weekend and a lesbian caught the bridal bouquet. A collective loud groan was heard from the more hidebound wedding guests.

Should she have even been in there in the first place? My wife thinks she should have been declared an ineligible receiver. My wife was yelling "DO OVER!!! DO OVER!!!" and I had to muzzle her.

The scramble for the bouquet is mad enough when the crowd is just desperate thirty-something old maids - they don't need more athletic, Amazonians in their midst.

I love watching and studying the bouquet toss. You can learn everything you need to know about the bachelorettes by noting where they position themselves in the group and how aggressively they angle for the prize.

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sam smiles said...

wow, stupidity in action.

all i know is no man touches the grill around here.

we want to be able to eat the food not watch it burn to ash.

the grill is not a toy or a status symbol, just go away, far away if you feel gender makes a difference.