Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Attention Liz Clayman Stalkers

First of all, her name is spelled "Liz Claman".

Click on that image to see the audit trail left by your deviance. Your Michigan IP address is not hard to trace.

When y'all google "liz clayman cnbc nude" and get directed to my blog, your cookies tell me who you are. If you are young and politically ambitious, expect to have your entire search history exposed one day. For many it'll make "smoking a joint in college" seem like nothing at all.

I am continually astounded by how many hits my blog gets directed from "liz clayman" searches. It must be her ample bosom and a surprising dearth of stuff written on her.

Pervert Update - I found another pic for y'all.

And another!


The Owner said...

Oh, but what ample bosoms they are!

Can we really fault our poor, perverted brother that much?

Tax Shelter said...

I strongly considered making a break from Marginalizing by dedicating January exclusively to positivity - perhaps titling a blog series

That's a good idea, why not try it? There's got to be many good people and success stories you can blog about. It would be very interesting.

CaptiousNut said...

tax shelter,

Understand that such a reversal is nothing less than a total gear-shift for me. Nonetheless, I am mentally working on it. First, I need a new moniker.



The Owner said...

Please don't, C-Nut. The world needs these Morons to be Marginalized by somebody, and it looks like that somebody is you!

CaptiousNut said...


There are two problems with the current tone of my blog. One, it's overly negative. There are some bloggers (e.g. Michelle Malkin) who I can't stomach for too long. She's simply too angry. Maybe the chauvinist in me just won't tolerate that in a woman. I don't know. But I find myself reading her less and less. (I could just be thoroughly bored with politics too.) Regardless, I don't want to scare people away with too strong of a tone.

The other problem is that my current blogging style might be bad for my own mood. I fear that sitting around watching for and reading and writing about incredibly stupid people is taking a toll on me.

I live in Boston, have two small children, have a broken back, and trade the financial markets. That's more than enough stress for anyone.

I read somewhere, "It is the triumph of reason to live happily among those without any..."

So I am resolved to tweak my speak as a multi-purpose experiment.

Tax Shelter said...

captainChi sounds good!

Anonymous said...

Stunning Redhead.

Beautiful breasts. They were the size of cantelopes when she was pregnant.

Anonymous said...

The Liz pix are the only thing that is worthwhile about your blog.

Anonymous said...

nice jew girl
they have such lovely lovelies

Anonymous said...

checking out Liz's good looks and those lovely boobies IS the ANALYSIS! just wanted to share my thoughts, they still look good 2 years later. but i don't think she's jewish...not with red hair!

Anonymous said...

Yea, like the accusation made that everyone reaching this page is engaged in deviant behavior. Actually the search which brought me here was simply the phrase "liz Clayman". I am personally looking for a vita of professional and educational background to judge her competence in reporting financial information. Not everyone is a pervert. Thank You

CaptiousNut said...

If the shoe fits....

By the way, the preview of my post that Google serves up is quite clear. You clicked on it anyway.

Anonymous said...

You have to admit the phrase Marginalizing Morons and the google snipit actually peaks interest for comedic value if nothing else, like I said not everyone is a deviant. Hum, by the way what was that about casting the first stone? Makes one wonder just what a deviant antisocial you must be. Just my ten cents worth.

CaptiousNut said...

I admit nothing.

By the way, interest is *piqued* - not peaked. Look it up.

And *10 cents worth*?

Man our fiat is debasing rapidly!

Elijah said...


Anonymous said...

Are those thimbles in your blouse or are you happy to see me?(00)The perks of upper management.Besides it beats going inverted! Kudos for everybody.

Byron Injeeli said...

this blog is messed up. hahaahaha.
Byron Shelley Injeeli

Byron Injeeli said...

this thread is messed up.
Byron Shelley Injeeli