Wednesday, January 24, 2007

YouTube Copyright Policing

They finally took down my hilarious clip of that Z100 phone prank. In a couple of short months it was viewed over eleven thousand times and the comment thread was pushing one hundred posts.

I couldn't really understand the legalese on that email they sent me but I think it essentially says they'll repost the clip if I provide my name and address. In other words, I need to identify myself and take responsibility for a potential lawsuit.

If I had any balls, a lot of money, or a copyright lawyer in my family I'd send my name in and mix it up.

From now on, when I post stuff I will just leave all identifiable tags and keywords out of the description. There's simply no way for the media thugs to find their copyrighted content in that multi-million clip labyrinth.

I remember when Napster tightened it up a bit. They pulled everything with "madonna" in the title. Only days later one could find the trollop's songs by searching for "medonna" or "modonna".

I am somewhat irrationally peeved that they took down my clip. But my anger pales compared to my son's - they just yanked almost all of the good Wiggles clips.


The Owner said...

You mean he has time to watch TV in between all his vacuuming?

CaptiousNut said...

Despite the occasional chore he's still a shiftless bachelor with all sorts of free time.

I was thinking about making him a chimney sweep but "temporary guest workers" have the market cornered.

Seriously, he sits on my lap and watches YouTube on one monitor while I try to flip securities on the other.

Tax Shelter said...

The Nasdaq? I just shorted it more as it went against me. When it comes in I cover, then sell again. Hasn't been a winner but hasn't hurt me much. Still short some. Again, my fleetness has saved me. Been short the tech stocks since September and have lived to tell about it. I could very easily have been wiped out by these positions.

So you just double down until you cover your losses during corrections? Isn't this dangerous? The amazing thing to me is that you have not had a substantial loss trading against a strong market. How do you do it? This is a very good skill to have, I am very curious.