Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Old Coots - Aging Gracefully


Taylor Conant said...


Man, getting OLD old must be so weird, especially if your mind is young but your body isn't.

I'm thinking of the oldie rolling around on the floor in a butterfly position, for instance.

It's hard to not look at the old and infirm as another species sometimes. Whether our eye tells us differently or not, old people are still people.

CaptiousNut said...

old people are still people

That reminds me of some loser in my high school. Freshman year, in religion class, we had an open-ended essay to write on any social issue of personal importance. This one guy wrote a paper titled "The Genocide of the Elderly". It was all about how old people just took up space and should be exterminated.

The teacher wasn't thrilled and asked the clown how he'd like it if his grandparents read the paper.

My favorite is the very first scene.

Taylor Conant said...

I really like all the falls because they're so awkward and you can hear the old people saying, "oh no no no no no no noooooo!!" in their heads.

I really like the guy on the scooter trying to do a one legged cha-cha and then he eats it. Maybe it's especially funny to me because he looks like Larry David and I can kind of imagine LD doing something like that in Curb Your Enthusiasm.

It's so weird to look at my grandfather, who is 80 something now and losing his health fairly rapidly at this point, and imagine him as an invigorated 20 year old flying a bomber in WWII. He just seems so fragile now.

I wonder what arbitrary age your buddy picked as far as gassing the elderly and dumping them in ditches goes.