Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dinner At 3:30PM?

Well, when you are dealing with nonagenarians...

Read this email I just received from my aunt:


Just a reminder this Thursday is Nana's 92nd Birthday! It's almost unbelievable!! I plan to pick up some flowers at Trader Joe's for the special vase so if anyone would like to be included please let me know! Please try and send a card or call as it means so much to Nana. I know she would look at a card over & over & especially love it if a photo was included!

Stop by at M------ restaurant if you get a chance on Thursday around 3:30 as we will be celebrating with an early supper (after Grandpa's bowling). Not a very convenient time I know but I'll treat!!

Love Auntie

Dinner at 3:30pm!!!!

And you guys thought Seinfeld's parents were bad - trying to make the early bird down in Del Boca Vista BEFORE 6pm.

Now mind you, this dinner will follow "grandpa's bowling". Yes, he's a nonagenarian as well. Though 94 years young he bowls every week, still drives his car, and has been known to sneak outside and shovel snow. The tough old man used to golf three days a week until he was 90 - carrying his own bag for nine holes on a very hilly course. Just try and tell him that bacon and eggs every other day will kill you!

Above is a pic from their 65th wedding anniversary last year.

My paternal grandmother is around ninety herself. Yes, I've got some serious longevity genes. Expect to read the musings of CaptiousNut for another fifty years at least.

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