Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Defying Logic at the New York Times

I know I vowed to lay off the New York Times, but I can’t justifiably name my blog MarginalizingMorons and let this one slide.

From Forbes.

A big story, inadequately memorialized by the media, is that crime in America has become a much smaller story. Crime rates have declined by a third since the early 1990s.Violent crimes--defined by the U.S. Justice Department as homicide, rape, robbery and assault--are down by some 60% since 1993.

The main reason, Forbes asserts, is due to much higher incarceration rates. But the New York Times sees no correlation between lower crime and more inmates. In fact they think prisoners should be let out BECAUSE of the lower crime rates. Read the whole article, it is very short.

On the subject of New York Times' perverted logic, all of the compassionate higher minimum wage advocates need to digest this flip-flop.

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