Monday, February 11, 2013

A Few Things...

I haven't watched color TV outside of a Celtics or Patriots game in God knows how long.

BUT I caught that show last night on the tube and found it passable.

Having spent more than my share of time sitting, thinking in bars....I found this guy's insights pretty interesting.

On an another note...

Naples, Florida is truly a beautiful place. In four words it's sunshine, golf, Christians, and homeschooling. So there lurks considerable appeal to me!

BUT there are really no jobs - not for most people anyway, and not compared to larger cities (excepting Boston).

Of course that doesn't mean there's no economic opportunity here. There certainly is.

Guess what folks, the real estate market down here (as it is elsewhere) is getting a little bit bubbly yet again, in my estimation.

Sure, it's not like 2005.

But I heard a guy the other day talk about *buying lots for 600k, building for 600k,...and flipping for over $2 million* in the nicer sections of Naples. That's a pretty good deal if you can pull it off - even once. Building time is only like 7 months.

I went for a run this morning and in 5 blocks saw no less than at least 8 *spec*/*new* homes going up.

I maintain the worst is still yet to come for house prices. Eight years after the Floridian top we still haven't fallen. Places like NYC, Washington, and other pockets have not even really gone down more than a half a notch.

*Speculation* was the culprit before.

Now it's artificially manufactured low interest rates and an inflated stock market. Once the Dow takes a nosedive, all these fossils will shudder. The bull equity run has effectively distracted all the 'old coots' from their loss of *interest income*. They'll take more notice when stocks slide, as they have been known to do.

Think I'm crazy, still calling for a stock crash after all these years?

Well, then, stay long. Sleep tight.

Oh yeah, I also had a fossil in the building tell me that he bought his condo for 108k in 1997 or so.

And he quickly added that that was the price they sold for....BACK IN 1982, as well.

My cousin in Connecticut posted that pic on Fbook.

What do y'all know about *projectors*?

I need to buy one for my classroom teaching - I think.

I'd love to just be able to project questions up on a screen or a wall from my laptop instead of printing everything out. I basically kill entire forests, single-handedly with my math teaching.

Do any of y'all have one? What do you recommend I buy? Thanks in advance

My daughter last week, on Marco Island.


Big Mack said...

C-nut - long time no talk - still check your blog.

Bought our son a $300 LED projector from Brookstone. Fits in your pocket and really is quite impressive.

Check it out.

Enjoy the sun

Big Mack

CaptiousNut said...

Thanks BM!

It does look pretty cool.

Do you think it will work in a classroom enviroment???

Stay warm!


Big Mack said...


Not sure - I think they have a liberal return policy and I believe it projects up to 6 feet so might work.

I hate AC as well.

Stay cool

Big Mack