Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Someone Needed

I need someone to read the latest Time Magazine article on healthcare sickcare - Bitter Pill.

It's too long for me....plus I've been vaccinated (successfully!) against that strain of Big Media garbage.

Reader Neil recommended I read it, but I'm too busy and just barely interested.

Just let me know if it's worth my time.

In search of a summary I came across a critique which concluded that the article proved "...that what is wrong with our health care system is not Medicare, it's the private sector."

Obviously I have even less time for something like THAT.



neil said...

the critique is right about the author's conclusions. the facts about in the article about how hospitals are screwing the most vulnerable(sick and lack insurance(or at least good insurance)) are the more interesting points in the article. It basically points out that hospitals have a sticker price for care that no one pays except those without good insurance coverage.

Big Mack said...


You seem rather in good physical shape as am I. I would argue that USA suffers a lifestyle crisis and not a healthcare crisis. We are just patently adopt very destructive lifestyles that leads to diabetes and health disease, etc.

Lifestyle = healthcare $ spent