Saturday, February 02, 2013

Cold, Stubborn, and Cheap!

My father informed me that last week another record was set in his bedroom...

He said the thermostat hit a mind- and body-numbing 37 degrees in the wee hours of the morning!

Why? Because he and my other alleged biological parent *like it cold*.

Now this isn't the North Pole; it's Massachusetts. And it's not 1800, it's the year 2013.

They started out young and cheap, which is fine.

But as they got older and wealthier, the *no heat* thing went from being a point of pragmatic cheapness to one of obstinacy. Hence now they *like it cold*.

This subject is always a fun conversation starter. Out with a group of earthlings....ask everyone what they set the thermostat at - in the summer and in the winter.

Not for nuthin', but most people are friggin' profligate wimps. They put the heat on to 70 at night.

We do 60 degrees at night and I haven't met anyone in my (wealthy?) social circles who does likewise. The lowest I've heard is 65.

Oh, and the Florida Morons are hilarious they put the heat on at 65!

Man up, y'all.


Lucy said...

Uh, they're just not old enough yet :-D Wait til they hit 80 and suddenly it will be too cold all the time. Even in the dead of summer.

tim said...

Our heat goes on at no less than 70. ac goes on at 78