Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sweating Your Gut Off

Recently I mocked Morons and their thermostat habits - freezing up north, and AC'ing it too much in the south.

In fact one Floridian jabroni confessed to me that his heat goes on at 72 degrees!

One thing I can't stand is the way everyone down here blasts their air conditioner at all times. The worst offenders are, of course, bars and restaurants! (The waitstaff is hot from running to arctic hell with the customers, apparently.)

It's so effin' cold in these eateries. Tonight at Pincher's I demanded a seat in the warmer climes of outside, far away from the darn AC.

There's no way that all this *conditioned air* is healthy, right?

I was sure it was right and one Google revealed that, yes, air conditioning at least make people FAT.

You see heat is a natural appetite suppressant....

So you do the math.

Of course AC also makes people *sicker* from germs and whatnot too.

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