Friday, February 15, 2013

Two Sets of Rules - EVERYWHERE

Remember when Michael Jordan burst into the NBA?

I don't either. Bird and Magic were A LOT better.

But after a few years, this ball-hog was granted a license to repeatedly break the rules.

He was traveling and carrying the ball almost EVERY SINGLE TIME he dribbled.

The NBA didn't care. And all of a sudden poseurs on the playground took to those big loopy, ILLEGAL dribbles and that extra half step when driving.

Now take a look at Lebron James today.

Every single time he bounces the ball, he pushes the defender away with his off-hand. He's actually quite adept at it - does it almost in one rhythmic motion.

I mean the guy is a monster, tall and strong. And the ability to commit offensive fouls on each drive makes him even more of a monster on the court.

Now that I think of it....Shaq was allowed to step over the free throw line after each attempt/miss back in his day too.

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