Friday, January 02, 2009

Christmas Gifts

I am more than halfway through one of last year's Christmas gifts - the Life Application Study Bible. I'm almost through Isaiah.

This year I got a few more books including:

For moi?

I received three more books in this bundle from my Brooklyn Heights uncle. Another title was Dimboxes, Epopts, And Other Quidams - Words to Describe Life's Indescribable People.

My wife got me a winter hat - and that's it!

I told my mother, who usually buys me all sorts of little crap, that if she bought me ANYTHING at all this year (not even a toothbrush) that I would not let her see her grandkids, ever again.

So what does she do? She omitted the trinkets but had my father give me a $100 gift certificate (supposedly from him) to REI. Do y'all know that store? It's a high-end outdoors store for Cambridge trust fund kids. It's got $70 walking T-shirts and whatnot.

I went into REI the other day to try and spend the money but couldn't find one item in the entire store that I fancied - not even a pair of socks. What a waste! Every penny my parents blow now I will have to cover in their dotage. Remember it's not just me; I have three siblings who're eager recipients.

Again, my parents think themselves *rich* because they've got pensions and Social Security money in the pipeline.

But I know I'm *poor* because I have no such financial backstops and because I know I am going to have to pay for theirs one way or another - directly or via confiscatory taxation.


Anonymous said...

I recieved a $200 dollar gift certificate to Tractor Supply. You ever go in there? I have been there 3 times since Christmas and still cant find anything I want....was thinking about seeing if I could trade it for a share or two of their stock or selling it on Ebay for $.90 on the dollar?

CaptiousNut said...

Nearest Tractor Supply is 75 miles, out-of-state in Rhode Island!!!

Never been in one. Would like to though. Drove by one on the way down to Naples. Curious to see it anyway despite your *endorsement*!