Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Deranged Dog Riches

Was in a mall pet store the other day passing time with my kids. There were four employees standing there each with a different puppy in their hands. Of course they wanted customers to hold and pet them.

I asked how much the golden was, "$1,309," the dude responded.

A bit later I asked how many puppies they sold there:

"Twenty to thirty per week,...."

"Wow! And they're all over a thousand bucks, right?", I inquired.

"Well over a thousand."

Boy do I wish I was on the other side of this business. They are selling $100,000 of puppies alone each month. Even after paying the clerks, the overhead, and for the puppies they must be making a killing. (And I'm sure they make a boatload on the birds too.)

I wish I knew the definitive list of lucrative business models when I was much younger and had wide open career options.

Instead, I was at an expensive Ivy League university learning about C+I+G+X-M and other useless sophistry.

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Anonymous said...

you forgot that other thing you were learning: G-A-Y.