Friday, January 02, 2009

Illiterate Altercating

I already knew the story, but I asked Wilhelm again about he, Shaun Phillips and Rivers taunting Cutler from the sideline in last year's Dec. 24 game against the Broncos.

"Jay Cutler, being the guy that he is, made some shrewd comments to SP and myself," Wilhelm recalled of the in-game dialogue. "Brandon Marshall was making comments throughout the game. All these comments are being made, and they're not making plays. Yet they're the ones going home, and we're preparing for our playoff game. It was essentially a wave to him good-bye and hopefully have a great offseason."

Only a football player could think a *shrewd* comment pejorative!

Matt Wilhelm probably thinks the word connotes some amplified level of rewdness rudeness, I guess.

This reminds me of one of my past nicknames. The FOBs at math camp (back in 1991) started calling me the *Shrewd Bostonian* because of the lot of us, I was the only one proficient in spoken English. [Yet they all had 750+ on their verbal SATs.]

And it wasn't long before the moniker was extended to the *Shrewd, Lewd, Crude, and Rude Bostonian*!

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