Thursday, January 08, 2009

Magically Delicious!

I was cruising Publix the other day here in Naples (snowing up north again?) and I came across the above cereal. I just had to sample it because it was on sale for the bargain price of $1.69. When someone is selling at a loss, my instinct is almost always to take the other side!

My four year-old attacked his bowl the next morning like a, well, four year-old. He just fished out the marshmallows as we all did back in the day. I tried to convince him to *spread them out* a bit to no avail. When he was done, he got up and walked away from a bowl full of chocolate oats. I had to apply parental force to get him to finish up. The following day, he paced himself accordingly.

Let me just say, that this enhanced Lucky Charms is freakin' AWESOME. I inhaled a non-small bowl after dinner tonight for dessert. What can I say? I've got to get them out of the house before Mrs. C-Nut, aka the Sugar Nazi, comes back next week.

But how about my son not wanting to touch the non-marshmallows despite the chocolate coating? I ought to buy him a box of the old fashioned, *healthy* Lucky Charms and make him experience just how tough our life was back in the day.

Chocolate Lucky Charms should rightfully have received a mention on my previous post - Intergenerational Propaganda!

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