Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Boston Morons and Question One

Here's the transcript for you people with multimedia or firewall issues:

I am chief Bob Bradley of the Somerville Police Department.

Some people would have you believe that Question One is only about the convenience of being able to buy a bottle of wine at a supermarket.

BUT what it’s really about is doubling the amount of liquor licenses that we’ll have in this state.

Here in the city of Somerville we’ll go from 26 to 46 licenses.

It’s not just about supermarkets. It’s about convenience stores. It’s about gas station mini-marts being able to sell alcohol. That’s what we’re talking about here.


This was an ad that was "credited" with helping defeat Question One on the Massachusetts Referendum which would have allowed grocery stores to sell wine pending local approval. See my prior post.

The stupid decrepit cop says "DON'T BE FOOLED BY QUESTION ONE", but please do be fooled by my ad.

He conflates "Wine" with "Alcohol/Liquor" and doesn't even mention "Local Approval".

Also, I thought that when you doubled 26, you got 52?

What's worse?

1) That people are so dumb as to be swayed by a deceptive ad?
2) That they can't think about the issue for themselves?
3) That the Morons think they are saving "mom and pop" liquor stores?
4) That the media did not look at other states (or countries) for test cases?

I could keep going.

I just found out that some more of my older relatives voted against the measure.

It's so ridiculous that my wife has banned me from further discussing it. So I need the blog to vent.

The dumb reasons keep coming.

"We have too many college kids here.....We are different than other states."

Excuse me, but college kids don't drink wine.

They will however continue to move out of your state when they graduate.

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