Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Morons Spamming Me

My wife is a Boston College grad. One of her fellow alumnae has been organizing a group to go to the November 18th football game versus Maryland here in Chestnut Hill.

There are only about 16 people going. Now as we approach game weekend, one of these kids sends out a "reply all" email to everyone. She wrote,

hi guys,

anyone interested in buying two tickets off me? if not, i might have a couple people who have never been to a game who would love to have them. i'm going to be in ghana for two weeks, missing our reunion at the game AND missing a visit home by my sister.

I showed it to my wife and we both shook our heads in concert.

C-Nut's Wife - Who the heck goes to Ghana? I guess the only place worse than that to go to would be Darfur...

Now realize that there is only a sample size here of 16 people, eight of whom I already knew. Look at the "reply all" email that surfaced the next day from a different respondent.


Is it the weekend before Thanksgiving? If so, I don't think I can go. I am trying to get to Sudan...

What are the odds? I told my wife we needed to play the lottery pronto.

Don't you hate those "reply all" emails? I mean who needs to be a party to trust-funded girls trying to one-up each other's charity?

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