Friday, October 26, 2007

CNBC's Morning Blog - RIP

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Their last post was December 4th, 2006!

Here's what I wrote about their blog two years ago:

I have Marginalized CNBC in past blogs. They are the typical big, stodgy socialist media outlet. They are trying to show their progressivism by running blogs (Squawk Blog and The Morning Blog). All day they promote their blog web addresses, but there is basically nothing on their blogs. The CNBC hosts actually tout "new pics" of themselves on the blog, as if looking at their mugs all day isn’t enough. Do they really think anyone is interested this?

Also, you need a MSN Passport ID to post messages on their blogs. Since no one has one, there is nobody posting comments. I got a MSN ID just so I could criticize them. I figured that I needed an outlet after listening to their crap for 10 years, all day long. But they won’t publish my comments anymore. You can google “CaptiousNut” (click here) to see some of my hardly incendiary comments that some pissant at CNBC has decided to censor. So to sum it up, there is little blog content, a barrier to posting comments, and censorship of criticism. Somebody tell CNBC that “THAT IS NOT A BLOG”.

It won't be long before they obliterate that blog from cyberspace. It's never seen as a good thing to leave glaring evidence of your failures around - a concept that Greg Mankiw is keenly aware of.

ESPECIALLY, when the failure illuminates Big Media's fumbling embrace of New Media.

These are the signals that make Rupert Murdoch and his fledgling business channel teem with optimism.

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