Saturday, March 01, 2008

CaptiousNut Revealed

Ten years ago, one of the things I used to do after work (trading pit) to decompress was ice skate at UPenn's Class of 1928 rink.

One of these Wednesday afternoons some precocious little girl (10 years old?) zipped up to me on the ice and exclaimed, "Hey, you look like Timothy McVeigh!"

Stunned, I said, "Who?" She sped off and lapped me. I hollered as she flew past me again,

CaptiousNut - How do you know who Timothy McVeigh is???

LittleGirl - What [patronizingly]...I read Newsweek.

Well, there you go!

I must say, he is was quite a handsome lad.

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Anonymous said...

That's Funny Big C! Someone else said they saw you streakin' through the south end...kinda' lookin' like this: