Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Be Careful What You Wear

That is the brown ("Cola Heather") tee shirt I was wearing yesterday with a pair of jeans.

When I was dropping off the tables and chairs I rented for my daughter's birthday party, some coed from Bryant College at the rental store mistook me for an employee and asked me to unload the stuff she was returning.

CaptiousNut - Honey, I D-O-N-'T W-O-R-K H-E-R-E.

I said it with a big smile and almost helped her out anyway because well,...let's just say my son would have loved her!

Now fast forward to later in the day. I go to the Hingham Car Wash to get my oil changed. While my car is in the shop, I lean outside to get better cell phone reception; I am standing there, in my Cola Heather fitted crew and some middle-aged woman starts screaming at me, waving her hands, and yelling, "THE PUMP ISN'T WORKING! THE PUMP ISN'T WORKING!"

She thought I was the freakin' gas station attendant!

Yesterday's events reminded me of a great pair of navy khakis that I owned about 12 years ago. They fit perfectly; I had lots of "tops" I could wear with them; and best of all, unlike tan khakis, I didn't have to worry about highly visible little stains.

In spite of all that, I simply could not wear these wonderful pants. I'd show up at work in them (Philadelphia Stock Exchange) and the guys would be razzing me all day: "Fill her up, regular", "Can you check the oil too?", etc.


Paul Mitchell said...

I always help out anyway, then tell them that I don't work there. Then they feel like an idiot, start profusely apologizing and give me money. I like to call it "stealing and making someone else feel guilty about it."

CaptiousNut said...

Shoot, two dogs, how often does it happen to you!?!?!?

By the way, when I was at UPenn, every minority in the student body griped that when in the University Bookstore, some, eh, non-minority students would ask them for "help".

I didn't believe it for a second. But I started asking specific individuals in the store for help JUST so they would feel included in this collective gripe!