Monday, June 16, 2008

Bounce Now, While You Can

So we rented a bouncing/bouncy house for my daughter's birthday party. The kids never stepped out of it throughout the four hour party. And, surprisingly, there was hardly a banged-heads incident! I highly recommend spending the $150-$175 for anyone who's having toddlers crash their fiesta.

I chatted up the guys who delivered it. They told me that bouncy houses similar to the one I rented (15 by 15 feet) sell for around $8,000 - perhaps a couple grand cheaper if bought in bulk. This particuar company owned a HUNDRED of them!

They said the boss gets "his money back" on each house in 4-5 years. That's a pretty reasonable rental value compared to items like jet ski's ($50 per 30 minutes) or say bicycles on Block Island ($60 per diem). For the bikes anyway, the rental companies get their investment back in about a week or two!

One other notable thing I learned:

BouncyHouseInstaller - Yeah, business has been good. A lot of our competitors folded when Massachusetts started REGULATING bouncy houses.

What a joke this state is!

Heck, you can't even put a video game in your pizza parlor here without some inane thing called an Automatic Amusement Device License.

I don't know why the Commiwealth of Massachusetts doesn't just change its motto to Caveat Venditor???

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