Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day Agitprop Versus Me = No Contest

So twice last week my 4.46 year old son moanfully inquired:

PrinceC-Nut - Dad, is it Earth Day yet?

The first time I played deaf. And the second time I responded:

CaptiousNut - Where did you learn about Earth Day? At school?

PrinceC-Nut - No....on TV (Nickelodeon).

No doubt many of y'all would have GULPED on that one.

But I had a great retort to Nickelodeon's agitprop.

CaptiousNut - Well, Earth Day isn't really a holiday. You won't get any gifts. No one is going to come visit you. There's no cake or candy. AND, you have clean up the entire house!

Seriously, that's what I said.

And I haven't heard a word about *Earth Day* since.

Here are a few Earth Day blasts from the past:

My Unhappy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, You Heathen Socialists! What about Your Externalities?

And from my post Share The Earth I want to highlight this revelatory nugget:

From Socialist Party USA's 2005 Earth Day statement,

On Earth Day, concerns over capitalism's stewardship of Mother Earth or lack thereof take center stage for a day in ecological conscious circles, among left-leaning progressives and the working class. The well-being of our Mother Earth and the mere existence of our human race should lead all of us to seriously recognize what kind of "miracle," if any, we intend to bequeath to future generations if we don't organize locally, nationally and internationally to end capitalism's profit-driven exploitation of our natural environment and resources.

Join the Socialist Party USA as we work towards the restoration of the integral bond between humanity and Mother Earth and recognize that the mechanisms in capitalism that oppress and alienate humans are the same mechanisms that destroy the environment.

And one more factoid for y'all....

Earth Day was actually only invented in the 1970s. AND, it was meant to coincide with Lenin's birthday!

For that, see the tail-end of the this ancient post - April Fools.


Anonymous said...

I thought it was meant to coincide with Hitler's birthday.

Slow out.

CaptiousNut said...

Thought you were joking there.

Hitler b-day - April 20th.

Lenin April 22nd.

Color me surprised they didn't split the difference and make it the 21st so *nobody would know*!