Friday, May 23, 2008

A Few Trades

For background, first read my May Trading Update.

This week I covered my Lehman Brothers short for a 10pt profit - $47.45 to $37.46.

I covered my Washington Mutual short - sold at $12 and bought at $9.48.

I profitably sold my puts on Jones Lang LaSalle - paid $7.70 and sold for $15.

I initiated a long position on EEV (a short Emerging Markets ETF) at $63.16. (This means that I am SHORT some international junk.)

And I bought some more puts on First Federal. Went with January 15s this time at $2.90.

I also increased my short NASDAQ-100 position - cost basis is now $48.83 on QQQQ. As I type this it is trading at $48.03.

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