Thursday, May 15, 2008

Marginalizing Upwind Peeing Pagans

I know a guy who's, well, an environmental wacko. I forget how it came up, but one day he started going off on cell phone chargers. He got all hot and bothered about how people leave their cell phone on the charger and plugged in long after the charging is complete.

This guy is such, like, a total DOUBLE LOSER.

By no means was this a personal crusade. I right away found the issue on None of these clowns think for themselves.

Apparently, phone chargers burn electricity even when there is no phone plugged into them. So exactly how much electricity, if I may to ask the obvious, germane question?

Well, you had to get far down the comment thread to find out, after one brave soul tested his charger with a Kill-O-Watt meter, that over the course of a year, his particular charger burned 1.1 KWh.

So that's around 14 whopping cents - for the entire year!!!

Note this DOUBLE LOSER has a PhD from one of the top five universities in the country.

It's been fun recently breaking balls on composting. The idea has been around for quite a freakin' long time. As such, anyone jumping out of their seat to buy a composter at Costco today is a certifiable, docile Moron. It's a fad for crying out loud - as very well proven by them selling at big box retailers.

It reminds me of the Atkins diet at its peak in January 2004. When many of my MOST DUMBEST friends/family members pig-piled into the decades-old idea of carb reduction I knew the mania was over.

By the way, that composter above retails for about $500 - more proof that a justice-rendering, fool-impoverishing God exists!

What did y'all do with your egg shells and coffee grounds this morning anyway, you Earth-rapers?!?!?!

One of my new favorite shows is Hell's Kitchen. Despite the ridiculous volume of profanity and ugliest cast in the history of television, the show is a compelling watch. Anyone who cooks or eats out (everyone?) might be interested in seeing how a restaurant kitchen functions behind the scenes. (Yes germaphobes, they are constantly sticking their fingers in your food to test for doneness and proper seasoning!)

Gordon Ramsay is a famously successful restaurateur in Great Britain ($60 entrees?) - but like any specialized ego-maniac, he thinks his intelligence transfers smoothly into all other fields. He's now calling for banning restaurants from using vegetables that are "out of season" and have to be trafficked half-way around the world. "Buy local" is his preachy platitude presumably to save the planet from burning fossil fuels.

Mr Ramsay said in a radio interview: "There should be stringent laws - licensing laws - to make sure produce is only used in season.

"The quicker we get legislation pushed through the Houses of Parliament, the more unique this country will become in terms of its sourcing and level of inspiration.

"Fruit and veg should be seasonal. Chefs should be fined if they haven't got ingredients in season on the menu."

Yeah Gordon that's a great idea! Go shut off the richest markets on this over-heated planet to impoverished Third World farmers. He's a real world-saver!

This sort of reminds me of the nearby Hull windmill:

Hull is a tiny beach town up the road from me (1.5 miles) that has a very low socio-economic status (average household income $58,136); it's quite rough if you what I mean. However it happened, the eco-pagan elites got Hull-ites to sully their skyline with a couple of hideous windmills. They are an absolute eyesore. I brand anyone that claims otherwise an Automatic Moron. Meanwhile, Ted Kennedy and other "do as I say, not as I do" wealthy Earth-copulators have been able to keep wind turbines away from their pristine horizon in Martha's Vineyard.

Note the full-court brainwashing going on in Hull:

Hull has been "a model for engaging the entire community to understand and move forward together on its wind power project, from school teachers, utility engineers and local leaders to state government, academia and industry".

I found that on a website "not affiliated with Hull", powered by CARE (Citizens for Alternative Renewable Energy). The addresses I found for CARE were Greenwich, CT and Washington DC. Thank you citizens elitists!

I wish some of the crunchy trust funded tools in Cambridge would saunter into Hull one night and start barroom discussions of renewable energy, climate change, and sustainablity. If they did, they'd probably be going home minus a few teeth to say the least.

Unplugging cell phone chargers, composting 8 egg shells a week, and providing *sustainable* electricity for a fraction of one town's mere 11,000 residents....'s like peeing upwind(!) on a forest fire.

UPDATE - Here's an email on this subject I received from a reader:

Hi C:

I just read your blog post about the Hull windmill. I previously audited a Nebraska electrical company's books (during my CPA days) and asked about the 2 windmills near Lincoln, the state capitol. The employee said that if the taxpayers (it was a public utility) knew about how many $$ the windmills lost, they would be outraged.


Anonymous said...

I have composted my whole life. My parents did it and I do now. There is no moral imperative, it just makes for good soil. It does not have to be elevated. I use a 55 gallon PVC drum with holes drilled in the sides for drainage and a hole in the top to put stuff in. Works great and costs next to nothing. Good compost takes a bit more than a year.

Do you think if you got more sleep you wouldn't be so cranky?

Slow out.

CaptiousNut said...


You're a total conformist!

And I bet you did a double-take when you walked by your cell phone charger today.

Anonymous said...

Geez, wonder when they're going to get after things like remote control tv sets, dvr/dvd, etc.
Those all need to draw a few gnat belches of power to be able to respond to a press of the remote button. And it's going on 24/7!!

Anonymous said...

Nah-didn't look twice at my cell phone charger or any other plug.

My neighbor, for pure cost conscious reasons, and he is an engineer geek (I say that in the best possible way) has measured the drain on every single electronic device in his house. He then created an energy profile of his entire home. When he was into it, his electric bill was something crazy like $47.00 per month. My house which is about the same size, was about 2X or 3X as much.

I am not sure how composting is conformist? Sure its a tit bid trendy today, but we have been doing it forever. And, even as trendy as it is-very few people actually do it. A lot of people talk about it. I bet most of those expensive time consuming closed systems sit unused in peoples garages. If you have to devote that much time to compost then it is not worth the effort. Just buy some fertilizer.

Slow out.