Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I Am A Lamb At The Teat...

...according to Mr. and Mrs. (Josh) Weintraub.

Read the comments of my prior post.

I don't know why any clear-headed person would be so eager to trade invective with me.

They get a pass - for now - because there are far worse things in this world than loving, delusional parents.

But I just don't see why, if Josh Weintraub was such a hardworking, intelligent trader then why didn't JP Morgan Chase consider him an asset worth keeping.

Can you imagine that after presumably 10-15 years in the mortgage arena, after all his success, that another bank would essentially say, "We don't see any role for you in our mortgage business"?

Ironically, that would almost be like looking at a nationally accomplished mathlete and trying to stump him with fourth grade arithmetic!

Jeez, how hard would it be for me to conceive an animal analogy for mortgage traders at Bear Stearns?


THD Credit Consulting said...

Ding, ding! Round 2! This should be fun...

CaptiousNut said...

We should have a tag team match: me and TJ (or Taylor) versus Josh Weintraub and Perry "gun toting" Eidelbus!