Thursday, November 01, 2007

Should I Take the Risk?

Look what just popped up on my screen.

I swear I never had any problems with my computer until I paid $120 or so for NAV two years ago. My computer got slower. My CPU started racing all the time. New software became sometimes tricky to install. In fact, right now I am having a dreadful time trying to upgrade my Flash Player. I haven't been able to watch YouTube for weeks since they apparently changed their streaming format.

I might very well be done with Norton and its scare-mongering. I do back everything up or save it to my Google account these days - so what do I need the protection for?


It's one of these things that everyone buys but no one knows whether or not it is needed or worth it.

73,738 viruses?



Anonymous said...

You're right: you're being gamed.
You must have bought Norton Internet Security? That, in my experience, creates massive headaches such as you described.
If you have a NAT router between your computer and the internet (e.g. Linksys) you don't need - or want - all of that firewall junk that comes with N. Internet Security.
Just get a "basic" antivirus package - even Norton sells one. It will cost less and upset your computer far less. You can even be lax in renewing the virus definitions subscription although I will equivocate a bit about that.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, one other thing -- your Internet Service Provider may already offer a basic virus protection program you can download and install.
You may not even need to buy the basic package ...

Taylor Conant said...

Maybe the number of viruses they claim you have been protected against are the number of viruses they have identified on their end in a database and which they CAN, but haven't necessarily actually protected you from.

Anonymous said...

Why not just use AVG Free? It works better and is free.

CaptiousNut said...


I do have that Linksys router and I have heard that it blocks most viruses. Still, I am prone the the paranoia about what I don't really know.


Of course that was all they were implying.

But it reminds me somewhat of an air conditioning filter I just paid up for. It claimed to be the "most efficient" one made. I assumed it meant energy efficient but I called the company to ask a question and found out that its touted efficiency was in "blocking dust". In fact, it was extremely energy INEFFICIENT - so much so that one needs a very powerful unit to even get the cold air through the filter and into your hot house.

The analogy is admittedly weak, but Norton's 73,738 number reminds me of that obfuscation. Many people will no doubt believe that their computer was attacked that many times.


Thanks for the AVG suggestion. I will look into it. It looks like "Ad-Aware" with is also free, popular, and run on my computer daily.

My PC is a little over 3 years old so I am due for an upgrade. I will most likely just let Norton expire on this machine and then figure out my security (if any) when I buy the next machine.

Thanks for all the suggestions.