Monday, July 26, 2010

Cheaper Online!

1.5 years ago, during my term as the youngest snowbird in Florida....I came across and sang the praises of Chocolate Lucky Charms.

But then I couldn't find them anywhere since. And I rightfully should have included them on that list of discontinued products that I bemoaned.

A couple of weeks ago I even Googled "chocolate lucky charms discontinued" only to find that they were in fact available online. And just the other day I actually put them in my *order later* basket on Amazon. I could peel through six boxes of that in no time!

But late last night, while doing the grocery shopping I was delighted to see them in my local supermarket. Three boxes went right in my cart - and I would have grabbed more if I hadn't just learned of their availability online.

They cost $4.69 a box.

Hmmmm....Doing the math on Amazon's price I now realize that I can actually buy (and get them delivered for free!) cheaper on the internet - approximately $4.28 a box.

Guess what, coincidentally, my wife just ordered a bunch of *pharmacy stuff* from Amazon and this week - all of which was cheaper, free shipping yet again, than what we'd pay locally.

And I can't even tell y'all what a hassle it is to run these errands in traffic-plagued New York and hit these brutal stores. We've probably ordered as much from Amazon in the past 1.5 months since we moved to NY as we have cumulatively before.

Ordering online is the wave of the future. Ride it!

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