Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Unauthorized Morons

I already complained on this blog about - Big Gov't Alarmists Wasting My Time.

Guess what, they still are.

My son started summer camp yesterday - one that's subsidized and run by the town. That was what he needed all the *vaccination* records for in the first place.

Recall he also has a severe tree nut/sesame allergy. So everywhere he goes someone has to possess an Epipen in case of an accidental emergency.

We tell the camp this and they request a written authorization - not from us, but from our pediatrician - to administer it.

So we had to go through the tedious ordeal of getting in touch with the doctor, yet again, around the 4th of July when everyone is on vacation - and ask her to write up this BS letter and fax it to the camp.

Camp starts yesterday and I get a phone call from the nurse. Some shrill 'old bag' was screaming at me that she didn't receive any *authorization* from me to administer the EpiPen I sent in with the Prince. I told her that it was sent, to shut her pie-hole, and to relax because I'd be there in person within an hour. Who are these government (school) bureaucrats that they think they can talk to taxpayers/customers in this manner? People don't act so uncivilly in the private sector - because they can't without losing business.

When I get there they tell me that they don't even have a fax machine so wherever it was that the doctor sent that note it didn't reach them.

OK. But why did the camp director specifically tell my wife she could fax the authorization in AND provide a number?


CaptiousNut - The EpiPen is essentially an over-the-counter thing...I don't see why you couldn't just use it

Nurse - We're not allowed to administer ANY medicine without written authorization.

CaptiousNut - I can't write up something right now for you?

Nurse - NO. It has to be from a doctor.

CaptiousNut - That's ridiculous. As a parent I can't authorize you to medicate my own child?

Nurse - Nope.

Obviously, and this is why I try my darnedest to not get mad with these government school people, this policy comes from above, from lawyers/insurance companies worried about legal liability. These Morons are just following orders - as they rationally should do.

But put it this way, say my kid goes into anaphylactic shock because someone at THEIR camp gave him nuts or sesame. Say he's sitting there unable to breathe.


I can see it now, God forbid:

"We had to let your kid die because we didn't have written authorization from a doctor to administer medicine."

Yeah, sure, there'd be no *legal liability* in such a scenario...

You see, I'm not at all used to, er inured to, dealing with BS. My kids are not in a government school system; and I've never worked in such an environment either. So one little incident like this can really set me off. Whereas others who lead different lives may think it's no big deal at all to waste hours upon hours running around doing crap like this to appease stupid policies.

Let me just tell you, the jail looks very different from the outside!


Anonymous said...

I phoned in a medication for my boat mechanic one time. He heard me on the phone at his shop doing this, and he said "That's all there is to it? Hell, I could do that!" I said yes, but they might ask for for your secret number, and then your're F-ed.

However, if you are of a subversive, slightly anarchic mind, you could fabricate these little documents that make the minions so happy. With modern printers, I see little downside.

Anonymous said...

For a moment, I thought you were posting the picture of Scott Brown's wife squeezing the suntan tube. Could you put that up please?

Anonymous said...

You haven't seen government BS until you see Ukraine or any other lower trust society. These places have documents on top of documents and everything must be "notarized" at ridiculous prices compared to local salaries...and of course with all these one is responsible for anything. And it's all a deliberate effort to complicate everyone's life so they'll get frustrated and pay a bribe. Hell, it was easier to sell our 4 mobile operators in Central Asia for $300M than it is for me obtain a work permit, work visa and residency certificate in this corner of the world. - your big brother in Eastern Europe

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with anonymous #1
this CYA crap is neverending
they just need it for their files
forge it
your medical cousin