Saturday, July 31, 2010

Evil Fridge

Has anyone of y'all had this problem:

Food keeps spoiling in my fridge. Seemingly everything in our new (MIL's) fridge gets moldy within 4-5 days - if not sooner.


I'm assuming it's not cold enough, though I turned the setting as *cold* as possible. July here has been incredibly hot and there's no AC up in the kitchen so I kind of attributed it to the heat wave.

But it's been cooler this past week and our refrigerated food still has seemingly no shelf life. It's brutal because now I'm afraid to buy inorganic meat, fruit, and vegetables for more than a couple of days.

My wife asserts that the fridge at twenty years is done. I find that hard to believe. I always assumed they lasted longer.

I've googled this issue and come up with nothing so far. One dude said to bring in a technician first as there may be some condensation or something that's frozen and blocking something. I have absolutely no clue.

One question for you science-types - does mold grow like a weed? In other words, if I've had mold in say one hunk of cheese in my fridge....does that make it more likely for mold to grow on other food even once the cheese is discarded?

If that's the case I figure I should maybe to a full-scale cleaning and disinfecting of the entire interior. That I haven't done yet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated before my wife buys a new $5,000 refrigerator!


Anonymous said...

spreads like cholera.. mould does.

Anonymous said...

"$5,000 refrigerator"??
Are you buying a Sub-Zero? I bought a 20 ft^3 refrigerator from Sears last Nov for $600. I'm sure you could get something "real nice" for $1,200.

Per your mold problem ... Have you put a thermometer in the refrigerator and freezer to get an idea if the temp is correct?

In my old unit, the freezer cooled both the freezer and refrigerator. The vents that allow the two to communicate was occasionally blocked by frost. You might want to see if the freezer has frost in it. If so, defrost it. As I noted, the frost can block the vents between the freezer and refrigerator.

Also, is the thermostat in the refrigerator working? A bit more complicated to check but you can do it with a volt meter.

I fought mine for six months and then we remodeled the kitchen and replaced it. The best decision I made.

Anonymous said...

Clean the bottom where the vent is - probably clogged with dust and who knows what.

CaptiousNut said...

Wow. Lot of dust under the front of the fridge. Have to figure out how to clean that.

Anon 12:04,

No frost in my freezer. Have to scare up a thermometer now. Though my BIL already declared last night *the beer IS NOT cold*.

The *fight* you describe is what I am leery of!

Heck, I just spent the past 3 days moving furniture out of my bedroom and pulling up the old rug so that I could save $120 on our new carpet's installation.

At least the *migrants* here have now relieved me of my lawn mowing duties. Only $25 a week!

Thanks to all.

west coast legalizer!!! said...

I thought you were going to comment on if mold grows like weed does it..... like weed? Now THAT would have been funny - you sparkin' the mold.

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