Monday, July 19, 2010

Circle Line Music Cruise Review

Tickets cost $37.50 if bought online, and $40 if purchased at the booth. This particular music cruise - a Billy Joel tribute band - sold out last week. As you'll see it was jammed:

It suffices to say that it wasn't exactly what we expected. It was packed and there was nowhere to sit down on the deck for the 2 hour ride. But it was what it was - more like a CancĂșn booze cruise except for the spectacular Manhattan views.

Leaving at 8pm in mid-July I knew we'd have a picturesque summer night, catching the sunset and whatnot. We saw it all as the boat left Pier 83 on West 42nd Street: the NJ skyline(!), the Hudson, Midtown glimmering in the sunset, the Statue of Liberty, and then, as the city nightlights came on, we scooted around Downtown and just past the Brooklyn Bridge before turning back. It was, as it always is, such a captivating scene that almost everyone on the native New Yorker-laden boat was snapping pics like Japanese tourists!

Beers were $7 a piece and tickets for them allegedly had to be purchased beforehand. But that turned out to be a myth; cash was also accepted on board.

Overall I had a great time and give it 4 out of 5 stars. Make sure you catch a good band!

Here's the website - Circle Line Cruises.

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