Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shocker! - Media Inverting The Evidence-Hypothesis Sequence

A homeschooler in my new *group* just posted this to the forum:

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have been approached by a newspaper writer asking for information on homeschooling to be issued on MSNBC. She is obviously going through the yahoo groups looking for the moderators.

She is looking for homeschoolers who have basically given up on the educating of their children and have put them back in public school.

She wants to write the article stating "how hard it is for them to make the
transition back into the public schools" and "how it was hard for you and what
they went through to go back"

Although she says it will done in a fair way... I would be wary of being any
part of it. MSNBC has a very outward disdain of homeschooling and thinks it
should be outlawed.

You know, the thing is....these effete thugs are waaaaay too late on homeschooling. They needed to nip it in the bud back in the 80s.  (BTW, *religious* people paved the way legislatively for everyone else, pagans or whoever, to educate their own.)

Of course, they are thoroughly incompetent!

Homeschooling is NOT EASY. But what in life really worth doing IS?

And it's definitely not going to be easy for all lazy, closed-minded parents, themselves the products of Big Education, to tough it out.

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