Thursday, July 08, 2010

Cute Corpse Nibblers

Cats were eating man, 74, found dead with mom


Humane officials removed a dozen cats from a northwestern Pennsylvania home where a deputy coroner says the animals started eating the foot of an elderly man found dead there with his mother.

Erie County Deputy Coroner Korac Timon says 74-year-old Herbert Walden likely died of a heart attack in Albion, several days before his body was found Saturday. His 94-year-old mother, Jane Walden, was also found dead.

The coroner says Jane Walden likely died of dehydration sometime after her son died. The woman relied on her son’s care and their trash-filled home didn’t have running water.

Joe Grisanti, executive director of the Human Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania, says crews removed a dozen cats from the home on Tuesday. They also found four more dead cats and a dead dog in the residence.

Remember that propagandistic refrain from a few years ago - "If Social Security is reformed....old people will be eating Alpo (dog food)"???

Well how about this, a suggested spin for agitators in the future:

If Social Security is reformed/eliminated....'old coots' will BECOME Purina


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