Monday, July 19, 2010

A Light Turned On

Have y'all seen these new(?) *touch* lamps?

There's no light switch, one simply touches the pole to turn it on. In fact it's a three-way so a few successive touches/taps will deliver increasing light wattage.

I bought one at Lowe's recently ($54) for our basement/office and mistakenly thought the *touch* switch nothing more than a gimmick.

But then I realized yesterday that the new switch mechanism was a terrific ergonomic improvement. No longer do we have to bend our wrists under a lampshade, often in the dark(!), fumbling around looking for that traditional turn switch which always seems to be 180 degrees opposite of our initial reach!

Delighted to see them down to $40 today, I bought two more for our house - another for our homeschooling/work basement and one for my son's room. His sister, Princess C-Nut, was begging for one of her own too, "Dada....but I can't reach my light."

So I guess it's also especially good for kids.

But I am thinking that if someone has a pet....that the animal rubbing against the bottom of the pole will most annoyingly activate the touch-switch. In that case, we have now discovered reason #267 to either barbecue the false-idolized critter OR fatten it up and peddle to the local Chinese restaurateur!


Paul Mitchell said...

Surely you are kidding, right? This has got to be a traffic hook for this blog and a link to Lowes!

Blog pimp!

CaptiousNut said...


I just shared a personal discovery with my readership. No kick-backs; no link-bait.

Now if I was n@ked in that photo, tapping it *on*....yeah, that would certainly generate a lot of traffic from the Mom blogs and potentially even from the invert blogs...

Paul Mitchell said...

There is a NEW traffic stream at MoM today.

The reason I made the comment about that is that I got a touch lamp for my 15th birthday back in the early 1900s. Or maybe it was the late 1800s.

CaptiousNut said...

Yeah, you know me by now, I'm not up on all the latest technology: pPods,, etc.

That's why I put a "?" next to "new".

Neither my wife nor I think my MIL had seen one before either.

Paul Mitchell said...

That is so danged funny.