Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Almost As Bad As An Overzealous *Hockey Dad*

Here's an excerpt from the introductory email we, and everyone else, just received from the local youth soccer coordinator:

Now for some Math: 16-14=2 more coaches needed for our minimum. If we only considered the number of coaches, it appears that we are in pretty good shape. However, when putting the teams rosters together for PRE-K soccer, the most important factor is that our children play on teams with their friends to ensure that they have FUN.

I'm right with on on *FUN*.

But, what the bleep is he talking about when he says they have to be on teams with *their friends*???!!!

They are only 4 years they even have *friends*?

And, if perhaps they did,....why should they be sheltered from branching out a little?

Despite a ginormous sample set, I don't know that I've ever heard anything so Moronic.

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