Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Winging It

How about this one - NYC Wingmen - is it real?

From their site:

NYC is the biggest wing men meet/pua up in NY. We have monthly meetings, where you get a chance to meet wingmen, get advice on meeting and dating women and meet someone who can become your wingman. We host outings, where you can go out and meet women with wingman/pua by your side.

We have skill ranking, that allows you to choose wingmen close to your skill level, and Day time / Night time pua options, in case you prefer to meet women in day time, night time, or both. Best part, NYC Wingmen is totally free. (pua)

NYC wingmen is hosted by mpua and dating coach from .Get your up to date advice on meeting and dating women, and then apply knowledge the very same day with wingman by your side. PUA.

I should volunteer - though I'm going to have to figure out how to artificially and substantially lower my *skill level* so as to not embarrass the client.

Of course it most certainly is NOT a free service.

I'm sure *wingmen* get income-tax free compensation in the form of free drinks, apps, and possibly even dinner paid for by the client.

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