Thursday, September 02, 2010

Mum Is The Word

After thoughtfully responding to the Homeschool Nazis who rejected the paperwork I submitted for my son...

I'm yet to hear back from them, now four full days later.

While my wife tells me not to worry about it, in my mind this is NOT GOOD, I don't think. I could be up against some real stubborn-@ss bureaucrats - ones drunk on their own sense of power.

And just today I heard a real horror story of a Long Island homeschooler whose town decided to give her bloody hell - calling Child Protective Services, Truant Officers, and forcing the poor parent into court. (Note - I don't at all know the full story.)

I do like a little friction, but that is hardly my ideal end-game.

Whenever (if) they respond I'll post it along with what I sent them earlier this week. My email was in some respects a little funny - replete with a citation from and a line clarifying the meaning of the word "OR".


Anonymous said...

Since you havent heard back that means you are going to have to show up on Tuesday morning to drop the Prince off at the govt school, right? :-)

CaptiousNut said...

I believe I have until September 15th to work it out.