Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Blood Aboiling

Right about now I also need to find a way to control the raging spirit that dwells within...

Recall 1.5 weeks ago I received notice that the local government school district had REJECTED my paperwork/plan to homeschool my precocious Prince.

I sent in my tactful rebuttal last week, last Monday to be precise, and now 8 days later I've yet to hear back. See - Mum Is The Word.

Furthermore, I sent another email today to the educrat asking her to please confirm receiving what I sent last week.

She decided to completely ignore that, as well.

So, what is this, a pissing contest? Why can't she just say, "Yeah, I got it and haven't decided yet."?

She's mad because I rejected her rejection? How dare I stand up to her and the Superintendent - whose combined salary is an astounding, a scandalous $410,000?!

Of course, she can always say that she *never received my email(s)* - which would be total bullpoop.

As it stands, she's forcing me to either accede to what I believe are illegal demands, to initiate a nasty lawsuit threat, OR else begin the ordeal of a formal appeal.

This most certainly isn't the way I wanted to begin my tenure in this school district.

But hey, I myself am as proud and as stubborn as a Moronic bureaucracy!

Mentally, I'm giving them until tomorrow night before my tone changes. I think the law states clearly that my son MUST BE IN SCHOOL by September 15th (8 days from now) if my IHIP is not approved.

Why does this fell like deja vu?  I guess someone needed to fill the void my landlord left!

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