Thursday, September 16, 2010

Almost Clean

Recently I came across a public toilet that automatically lined the seat with fresh paper.

Then, just yesterday I came across another such animal:

This one just wiped the seat clean by rotating it under a sanitized brush.

Cool, right?

Except that when I bent over a little to look at the brush I noticed a pile of *curlies* lodged and dangling from it!


Paul Mitchell said...


Taylor Conant said...

That thing is the TSA of the toilet-bowl world, ie, a false sense of security. The moment one of the Guadalupes from the janitorial staff forgets to refill its cleaning fluid reservoir is the moment you sit down in someone's still drying urine streaks.

CaptiousNut said...

Yeah, but Taylor...

It's still better than when the toilet guy doesn't come by at all to mop up an old-fashioned toilet.

I only defecate at home anyway.

BUT, having kids, in particular a daughter that I must toilet everywhere, I have to deal with disgusting public (pubic?) hoppers all the time now.