Wednesday, September 01, 2010

History Repeats, Rhymes, and Has A Beat!

I have to admit that in the 20 years of hearing this tune, this *pictorial* version informed me of my ignorance. There were just a whole lot of references that were either lost on me, or I didn't discern. Enjoy and test your own knowledge level:

A young student of American history could do worse than a little research/Googling on each of the bullet points in that song, no?

Billy Joel fans can see my prior post, and enjoy the video I shot.


neil said...

enjoyed the video(actually much better than the one Billy Joel made for the song) but with the title of your blog shouldn't you be picking out the errors-i saw at least 2 at 1st watching(although 1 could just be picking 1 event to depict a much broader trend)

CaptiousNut said...

C'mon neil....

I'm not the kind of guy that goes around pointing out mistakes (or flaws) other people have made!

Exactly how many times did you watch it?

I watched it .4 times, maybe. Kids, wife, and MIL are major distractions.

neil said...

twice-didn't catch any more on the 2nd viewing.

1st disneyland=the pic is of disneyworld

2nd terror on the airlines-the trend started in late 60's with attack on Israel's airline and continued after the song came out with the biggest attack being 9/11

and yes i'm nitpicking ;)

Anonymous said...

It said Pope Paul and showed a picture of Pope John Paul II, who became Pope 15 years later after Pope John Paul I died. I may watch the rest later. I have work to do right now.