Friday, September 03, 2010

Heading Out...

Getting on a train in a minute to go out boozin' for the night.

Our destination is hip and up-and-coming Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I've actually never been there before.

Against my own longstanding policy, I have to take two lettered trains to get there!

Riding *lettered* trains....well, the people are weirder and almost invoke what John Rocker said way back when.


tical said...

Could those "weirdos" really be any worse than the "Massholes" you left behind? Anyways, Billyburg is now so gentrified it really doesn't pass the John Rocker litmus test anymore.

CaptiousNut said...


Massholes are/were the worst.

And, you can't even get a beer or a falafel in Boston.

Billysburg was nice. Ate at that Thai restaurant Sea which was pretty good. Hit two bars for two pops apiece before taking that lettered train - the *L* - back to Union Sq. Got a cheesesteak at "99 Miles to Philly" and then had two more pops at "Coffee Shop" before taking the 1:19am train home.

Can't do anything like that in Boston.

Neil said...

Hah, of COURSE someone who is afraid of "lettered trains" who thinks "Billysburg" is "up-and-coming" in 2010 would like eating at Sea. What a douchelair!

CaptiousNut said...


Any other dining suggestions? Seriously.