Thursday, September 02, 2010

Going to NYC

My wife has off the next few days.

Today we are taking the train into Manhattan. Bathing suits are packed for the sprinklers in the Central Park playground.

But we're going to hit the Museum of Natural History first.

I fondly recall 30 years ago this November, when my aunt and uncle first took me there. I was only six months older than the Prince now.

The cycles of life...they spin fast!


Anonymous said...

We're taking the kids there in a few weeks, because my daughter is really into dinosaurs lately and we're taking a vacation that will bring us through NYC. I haven't been there since I was a little kid. Any suggestions of what to see on our visit? We'll probably only have a 2-3 hour window before the kids (age 3 and 1.5) get cranky.


CaptiousNut said...

Hi Meg,

Well, the Museum of Natural History has all the fossils and stuffed dinosaurs. My kids had little-to-no interest in them today. But my son passed the dino-phase a couple of years ago. In fact, the entire Museum was a flop for my brats today. But that was fine, we got in for free and just left earlier than we might have thought.

However, the playground in SW Central Park was an enormous hit, yet again. It's a sprinkler park so you'll need a very warm day for that aspect. But the playground is beautiful w/o the water too. ("Hecklscher Playground")

There is a Central Park Zoo though I don't know anything about it.

The Toys-R-Us store in Times Square is good for kids. Probably FAO Schwartz too, if you are near it. In fact that's close to the CP playground so you could easily walk there.

I'd probably skip the Museums unless mom and dad really want to go. They're for the adults mostly.

Maybe if you come in on a train....walk through Times Sq, then up to the CP playground, and then cut over to FAO?

Put leashes on those little ones in the city. Once, when I was 6 or 7, my mother almost left me on a bench while everyone else boarded the subway!

Another time, my brother and I gave her the scare of a lifetime by disappearing in Chinatown. We were trying to buy fireworks out of the trunk of some dude's car.

Tourists, be they kids or adults, are usually just fine with walking around and taking in the ubiquitous sights.

If you want to go downtown, the entire Battery Park is amazing - all new, good playgrounds, tremendous views, etc. Down there you could see Ground Zero if you were interested.

Hope I gave you some ideas. Any more questions just fire away.