Thursday, September 30, 2010


Very early Friday morning I will be heading out for my annual jabroni golf trip.

This year our 7 year stint in Naples, Florida comes to an end; we're moving north to Tampa where our host has relocated to.

We're scheduled to play:

TPC Tampa


World Woods

...and one other round before returning on Monday, which may or may not be a repeat of one of these courses.

I love Naples but it was getting a bit stale. Tampa is younger, cheaper, and a little bit cooler temperature-wise.

FURTHERMORE, I believe the golf is a little better and, supposedly, they have the best *dance* joints in the country in Tampa.

Might have to field-test that last one - in deference to accuracy.


Paul Mitchell said...

Well, the travel brochure for Tampa surely does make a good sell. Exactly how big is that trailer y'all rented?

Taylor Conant said...

FEMA is still giving out trailers?

And you have to rent them?!

CaptiousNut said...

I was told that trailers can be bought in a nicer area (Sarasota), fully furnished, for 10k.

At that price you don't even insure them.

Anonymous said...

Well I immediately thought of Tampa's most famous "dance club" Mons Venus, googled it and found that they have a 24/7 dress room cam on their site: This material should appeal to the high brow readers of this blog, who, I am sure, are legion.

Anonymous said...

Take bobby c as your partner at world woods, he plays great there have fun