Saturday, September 04, 2010

Buoyancy Achieved!

The lifeguard wasn't too pleased that I let my 4.20 year old Princess and 5.79 year old Prince into the deep end AND off the diving board. But whatever - it was going to be the last day at the pool until next June.

This long, hot summer we spent so much time at the town pool that both kids essentially learned to swim.

WHEW! There's definitely a bit of relief in there for the parents - especially this guilt-stricken one.

Remember what happened last winter? When my daughter almost drowned was submerged on my watch?

Read - Marginalizing Myself.

One of my golfing jabroni's recently communicated similar elation over his daughter earning her *swimming pass* at his country club. Now he can drop her off at the pool by herself and go hit balls!

Little by little the kids are liberating us.

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