Thursday, September 23, 2010's Upstart Moron

As the headline reads, the founder (idea stealer?) of FaceBook has decided to burn a whole lot of money in Newark, NJ as George Costanza said to Steinbrenner, "...all for the glorification of your massive ego!"

Newark only spends $22,000 per pupil, near the highest in the OBVIOUSLY the system there simply needs a little more money.

There's not much else to say here. Just behold this jaw-dropping Moron and realize this isn't some harmless act of charity.

ABSOLUTELY NOT. It'll simply prolong the life and *standard operating procedures* of hideously unsuccessful institutions.

Thanks to Taylor for alerting me to this one.


Paul Mitchell said...

I saw that yesterday. He needs more folks on his service. That 100mm is probably earmarked for computers and FAILbook time.

Justin Time said...

My guess is that this money is just setting them up bigger financial problems once they blow through it.

Who's going to step up to the plate with the next 100 mil to support all the junk they buy with this cash.

Or worse yet, imagine where this goes if they decide to use the cash to hire more staff and hand out big raises...