Sunday, September 05, 2010

New York's Under-Appreciated Beauty

Pictured above and below are two absolutely beautiful *town* parks nearby.

But guess what? Nobody uses them!

Bar Beach and Manorhaven Park in Port Washington have terrific facilities AND stunning beauty....but only the illegal immigrants and assorted super-'old coots' take advantage.

Time after time, we've been the only young gringos at either place. Our peers are either out in the Hamptons, at their country clubs or yacht clubs, in front of their color TVs, on *playdates*, or in their backyards instead of at these gorgeous, almost-free municipal parks.

The other night I declared that we were going to pack dinner and picnic down at the playground on the water for a change. With the late-summer sun setting on the bay, the scene is magnificent almost every single night. Having sort of dragged my MIL along with us she remarked, "Wow this is great. Would you believe that in forty years of living here we've never ever done this?" (i.e. picnic on the beach that's 2 miles from her house!)

Of course I believe it. She's not exactly what I'd call a *fun-haver*.

But she's hardly the only one around here. The super-'old coots' and the Mexicans, these two unlikely demographics, unadulterated by wealth, they're the only ones who appreciate the beauty staring them in the face.

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