Friday, September 03, 2010

Ethical Pricing?

In my Better Blogging research, I've come across a bazillion online hucksters selling their wares.

They use every techno-slick tactic out there to convince MORE people to buy their products. They have testimonials, SEO-optimized keywords, money-back guarantee hooks, affiliate bribery, and use what are now scientifically proven *internet marketing* templates.

Sure, I'd like to make some money online, who wouldn't? But my ambitions are, and have forever been, held in check by my morals. The last thing in the world I want to be is an *online skimmer*.

If I want to *skim*....I'll just stick with trading - only I'll actively solicit OPM ("other people's money") to gamble with.

There's a thin moral line, I think, when it comes down to pricing and marketing a product.

For example, say you want to sell an informational product that claims to teach people how to make $$$$ online - with their blog, website, or whatever.

And say you price it at $100.

But, only 1 out of 1,000 of your customers has success with it. Assume they go on to get rich, move out of their mother's basement, live like Tim Ferriss, etc.

That's great, right? You can, and without a doubt will, tout this success in additional marketing for your product.

Except that you might have 999 people who feel like they were ripped off - who feel like they were sold a bill of goods.

This is only a personal judgment, but I'd feel bad about the people I duped into buying. I'd feel more like I just conned $100,000 out of delusion Morons than I'd feel like I *made* one success story.

Probably the enlightened libertarian/capitalist response to my wussy conscience is - "People have to be or assumed responsible enough to make their own purchasing decisions..."

And I get that, I think.

Except that....that ought to be weighed against all the scheming and sneaky marketing that was utilized upfront.

So what's a morally confused business man to do?

I don't well know.

Price things low - to be safe, maybe?

And, perhaps only target customers whom you think the product appropriate?

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