Thursday, September 09, 2010

Can't Do This With eBooks!

Now I just saw this - this pastor in Florida who's going to burn a pile of *holy* books on 9/11.

I submit that anyone who can't read this and laugh a little....well, they probably take themselves, and hence their political/moral extrapolations far too seriously.

This stunt most certainly IS NOT endangering troops in Afghanistan and Iraq - as some general (Petraeus?) declared.

They were endangered by whomever or whatever sent them there in the first place.

And who cares what the Pope thinks about this one issue? The pastor is not even Catholic. If the Pope were to cast judgment on the clowns citing his *condemnation* of the book burning - especially the Big Media types - he'd probably need an external hard drive just to catalog all their sins!

Right about now, Paul Mitchell is kicking himself. Why didn't HE think of this low effort, high ROI stunt to commandeer. He's dreaming of all the blog traffic it would have pulled!


Paul Mitchell said...

My comment on this thing is that the pastor is crazy to actually buy the books to burn. Somewhere around 85% of Muslims cannot read. Go to a library sale, buy a bunch of old books for pennies on the dollar and tell the Muslims they are all the Qu'ran.

Some people need to be culled from the herd for being so wasteful of money.

Just saying.

Taylor Conant said...

Nice aluminum-sided church! Did they get that place on sale at Sheds-R-Us?

CaptiousNut said...


See Matthew 18:20.

I remember hearing or reading about some devout Christian who was dead set against the physical structure of a church. He thought that it *distracted* people from going out and doing God's work.

And I think he makes an important point. What's a better use of your Sunday morning - group worship or outreach?

Taylor Conant said...


And there you have it-- you've taken religion at "face value" and ignored that the concept of a church gathering is about control and hierarchy of the "flock", not about spreading the Good Word. Much like... politics.

I feel my case is reinforced by that link you sent, with the damn near 20 different translations of the same verse. LOL. Which one contains the "one truth"? Seems like people can make the Bible say whatever they want it to say, just like politicians use words to mean whatever they want them to mean.