Monday, September 27, 2010

Interior Designer Brawl?

I vividly remember, as a freshman at my all-male *fairy* high school one morning when two twerps were brawling in our homeroom.

The teacher, who happened to also be the hockey coach, came in and interrupted the commotion. The combatants froze while one of them was headlocking the other and dead silence prevailed.

Without breaking stride on his way to his desk, Mr. Murphy remarked, "Well there's a fight where nobody will get hurt!"

Man, was it uproariously funny - in the much the same fashion as the clip above.


Taylor Conant said...

That was the most non-violent violence I've ever seen!

Maybe gay guys should be in the military, and not just in it, but the sole demographic-- then we could have score-settling through war, without any bloodshed or loss of life!

And women can be the commanders and "executives" so we stop hearing about the lack of female empowerment, too.

CaptiousNut said...

Three people now have remarked, privately of course, that one of the participants in that fracas looks like me.

All of that within an hour of publication.

I'm looking for some originality, folks. C'mon.

Paul Mitchell said...

And the BLACK hockey coach shows up and ruins everything.