Sunday, September 19, 2010


Recall a mini-tornado just swept through our area, knocking down tons of trees.

That's one from my backyard (pictured above) that snapped off and took out some power lines.

It was interesting, and totally practical, what they ended up doing.

The *tree-cutting* crew had bigger issues to deal with all over Queens and Nassau County.

So instead some equipment-less guys came, scaled up the poles and trees, and dislodged what they could.

THEN they simply threw a whole new wire across the top of the mess. I guess the tree-cutters will come later on.

They *re-energized* the neighborhood early Friday night - so our blackout wasn't that bad at all.

(Like a complete Moron, I ran out to buy $7.50 of ice to put in my otherwise nearly-empty fridge/freezer. I was worried about the $12 worth of Breyer's Ice Cream I just loaded up on! Hey, it was reduced from the normal $6.49 per half-gallon 1.75 quarts to $2.99...)

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